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Traditional Natural Food,gluten free


Tousuke Aoki

Yaemon Aoki, the First was a farmer and started producing Miso and Tamari in Taketoyo, Chita, Aichi prefecture in 1872.


Yaemon, the Second unassumingly kept his father’s techniques and expanded the business.


Yaemon, the Third had a hard time in the business because of the financial crisis and total collapse of the Japanese economy. However, he continued producing good Miso and Tamari and believed that it was the only way to save the business. Also, he approached the production process scientifically. As a result, the taste of his products significantly improved.

The 2nd World War occurred after the financial crisis and greatly affected the production of Miso and Tamari. Total production reduced to 10% and the number of brewers decreased from 50 to less than half that number.


Yaemon, the Fourth graduated from Tokyo College of Agriculture and learnt the science of brewing after the 2nd World War.

Miso and Tamari are usually made in less than one year, adding MSG.  But we succeeded in producing authentic and long lasting Miso and Tamari, using natural salt and soybeans grown in Japan, taking almost three years including two summers. This is done thanks to great effort of Yaemon the Third and the scientific techniques of Yaemon the Fourth.


Today, Yaemon the Fifth and the young Yaemon the Sixth both graduated from Tokyo College of Agriculture and continue to keep and preserve the traditional method of producing authentic Miso and Tamari. Their Miso and Tamari with their rich and concentrated flavour and without gluten, because no wheat is used, are loved not only in Japan but also around the world.