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Traditional Natural Food,gluten free


From Yaemon Aoki, the fifth


We have been producing naturally tasting “Mame Miso” made of pure soybean and “Tamari”, a pure and concentrated soy sauce, in the traditional way here in Taketoyo, a town noted for fermented products.

Ordinary soy sauce is produced in about six months with the Warmed Brewing (Short Period Brew) method using defatted soybean.  The traditional way takes two or three years to ferment and to age, so it costs more, takes longer but remains pure. The quicker method is cheaper but preservatives and fungicides are used to facilitate the process. Traditional Miso and Soy sauce are long-lasting products without preservative and chemicals thanks to their constituent beneficial fungi.


We try to produce something even better and have been using natural sea salt called “Umi no Sei” which is rich in mineral and has lower salt components, this achieves a milder taste. We use soybean grown in Japan and all these ingredients are organic.  Fermented Miso and Tamari are stable in a huge wooden vat but they lose this stability when exposed to air; therefore much care is taken during the bottling process.  Our mission is to preserve and protect the traditional way of making organic Miso and Tamari as it is more natural and healthy.